Friday, April 29, 2011

The Royal Dress

what a historical day !!
as you all know ... today was the wedding of Prince William  and the beautiful  Kate Middleton.
it was so wonderful and really royal xD . we all watched it... all over the world!! 
most of us watched just to see the royal wedding dress and of course  THE KISS.

the dress is by Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen. It’s a fitted white v-neck gown with a long-sleeved lace overlay and a tall lovely train.
she also wore an ivory silk tulle veil, which was trimmed with hand-embroidered flowers. and the tiara was lent to her by the queen.

now for those of you who want to see some details of the dress, I searched for some photos of it and this is what I found. 

I think it was very very VERY beautiful and fits her as a royal bride.
what an elegant dress princess Catherine !!

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